10 Ways to Save Money and Protect the Earth Environment at the Same Time

It’s easy to assume that helping the environment costs more money, at least in the short-term. However, there are many ways that saving the Earth can also save you money.

Say Yes to Waste Less
Saving the environment is not that difficult or expensive. Let's make a difference for the environment.

Refuse: Saying NO is the first step to keeping our waste at bay
Reduce: Question your purchases & resist any impulsive buys
Reuse: Bid farewell to your disposables and switch to reusable products instead
Repurpose: Give things a second life by up-cycling, revamping or DIY-ing them
Recycle: This is our last resort after all the other Rs have been exhausted

What Can I Do To Save The Environment?

Here some ways you can be kinder to our planet:

1. Ditch Disposable
You may think that just you alone aren’t having much of an effect saving our environment by ditching disposable. Then share this movement, let's do it together. That's when things can really add up.

There are many food & beverages stores in Singapore which allows you to bring your own tumbler & metal straws, three of which is Starbucks, Bober Tea and The Alley. Bringing your own tumbler / container may also get you additional discount for your food & drinks, here's 800 over outlets in Singapore that offer discount for this.

Also, don't forget to bring your own tote bag for grocery when shopping at grocery store / supermarket, switch from disposables and one-time-use plastic products to reusable instead.

2. Recycle
Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste.

3. Buy less, or buy Second Hand
Buy only what you need, buy less stuff. Such a simple notion, yet so powerful. The less you buy, the less money you spend. When you buy less, you're also reducing your environmental impact. Buying fewer things means a little more money in your pocket, and a little less pollution in the world.

You may buy what you need from the Thrift stores, it cost less and at the same time recycling and giving back to the society, helping needies in the community.

4a. Donate, Don't Toss
I used to sell some unused second hand items on Carousell and sold in many different meet-ups which keeps me really busy and the things that were unsold became wastage of space in my home, it's just keeping for no reasons. The Good thing is if you're lazy or have no motivation to sell it, you can donate or give it away to someone who treasure it more.

Public Facebook Group to Bless:
Art Don't Throw
Books Don't Throw
Freegan in Singapore

Public Telegram Group to Bless:

Please read their rules before you post anything.

4b. Donate leftover Food, Bless othersReducing Food Waste Can Help Save The Environment. One of the biggest and serious wastage is food waste. Not only does food thrown into a landfill produce methane as it rots, it is also an enormous waste of the resources and labour that’s used to grow, process, transport and cook food. Now you can share excess food with people who needs it more.

Public Facebook Group to Bless:
SG Food Rescue

Mobile Phone App:

5. Wash Full Loads of Laundry
Be sure to wash only full loads of laundry, which ensures that your machine is operating at peak efficiency.

6. Car Pool or go with public transportation
With so many Carpool app providers such as Grab, Gojek, Ryde & etc, it's easy to not drive and get to the place you want. Furthermore, we've the best public transport system in the world right here in Singapore.

By moving more people with fewer vehicles, public transportation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, transit can minimize its own greenhouse gas emissions by using efficient vehicles, alternative fuels, and decreasing the impact of project construction and service operations.

7a. Turn off tech / lights / switch when not in use
Turn off the water when not in use, turn off the tech, lights and switch when not in use. Adopting a Zero Waste Lifestyle can in fact lead to cost savings in your daily life!

7b. Remove all plugs from the socket even if the switch is off
Some people claim that hundreds of dollars can be saved on energy bills by unplugging appliances and devices from the wall when they’re not being used. This idea of plugged-in devices sucking up power, even when in the “off” position or when not in use, has stimulated quite a bit of debate.

8. Use energy-efficient appliances
Energy Efficiency Conserves Our Environment For Sustainable Development. Use of energy efficient appliances minimizes the exploitation of natural resources. These resources include natural gas as well. Energy efficiency enhances conservation of these sources as a way to achieve sustainable development.

9. Use Rechargeable Batteries
It's better for the Environment and because batteries can be recharged and reused numerous times, they contribute less waste to landfills.

10. Grow your own herbs & spices
Grow an herb garden in your home or corridors all year round for fresh herbs. There are many do-it-yourself kits out there especially on Youtube. You can stop buying dried herbs and spices at the supermarket and save money over time. Also, think about growing fresh vegetables and fruits whenever possible. Produce can be very expensive when purchased at the grocery store.

Going green or helping to save the environment doesn’t have to be expensive or cost a lot of money upfront. Some people think it’s worth the small investment, no matter the cost. Even if you haven’t jumped on board the “go green” bandwagon yet, by consuming fewer resources, you’ll end up keeping more cash in your wallet. 


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