Takashimaya Japan Matsuri Fair: Food, Beauty & Wellness Highlights

Japan Food Matsuri returns at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City is back again in Singapore. This year, the popular Japanese Fair is held from 3rd to 20th October 2019 at Takashimaya Square, Basement 2. 

This annual event; “Matsuri” simply means festival in Japanese. It is a chance to try Japanese food and products without having to buy air tickets and fly yourself to Japan. There are stalls exhibiting and selling Japanese food and fresh products in this special event. Not only do they have food stores in this event, but there are also some vendors offering Japanese beauty, health and wellness products. 

Other than jumping into main food dishes recommendation, I would like to first a few MUST-VISIT stalls and for the start, if you are an icecream lover as well as loving IG-worthy photographs, here's something for you:


This popular parfait shop in Chuo, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, has been helping drive the new trend of night-parfaits as a final stop after a night out drinking. They’re only open at night. Structured around the concept of a parfait for adults in the evening, they forego fresh cream and instead use a blend of seasonal fruits and mousse for a refreshing taste. 

Here's in the making of Hokkaido Peach Hand Parfait!

These "Hand Parfait" is named in a way that you gotta grasp it to eat it and indulge while it lasts. 

Hokkaido Orange Hand Parfait - $15
Hokkaido Apple Hand Parfait - $15
Hokkaido Peach Hang Parfait - $15

Getting into the healthy category here... If you're pretty much health-conscious, this is the MUST-VISIT stall for you. 


Unimat Riken; "In the Pursuit of Beauty & Health".

Since its founding in 1969, it has been based on the concept of "health & beauty" and on the principles of providing accurate information, and safe and secure products. there are 19 stores in department stores in Japan; wholesaling to the pharmacy, natural food specialty stores & etc.

Unimat Riken sells a line of products from Manda Koso and has a variety of Enzymes health products that are made from 53 kinds of botanical raw ingredients; from fruits to grains and edible algae to vegetables. Health benefits of fermented foods have been recognized by the history of food cultures around the world. 

Highlights: Most of the product is more than three years, three months of fermentation and maturation. And for this (photo above), it is fermented for over 4 years 6 months. As you may hear, the longer for fermented food, it is better for good health. The human digestive system ferments food in order to absorb its energy. As Manda Koso is a fermented product, this makes it easy for all of its nutrition to be absorb. Moreover, these packages come in small packaging so it's easy to bring it out and consume. 

Many of us have tasted many Japanese candies before and it leaves us a deep impression. How about adding the health factor when you pop a candy into your mouth? This High-quality propolis throat lozenges may impress you as well as its spray version. It's not very sweet, it can be a relief for sore throat and there's no artificial fragrant, colouring nor sweetener.

When we care about health, the topic usually comes with beauty and vice versa. 


If you have blackheads, using a common face cleanser without scrubbing hard may not easily remove all the dirt in the pores.

Clean beauty is quite intense: It means a non-toxic product that is made without a long, ever-evolving list of ingredients linked to harmful health effects. No doubt, finding a good beauty product that suits ourselves is one of the most challenging things ever. It's good to catch up with the trend sometimes, and it's good to learn about new products too.

Here's Manara Hot Cleansing Gel; it helps you to combat blackheads, even the ones that have been there for a while. Meanwhile, in Japan, it has sold over more than 10 million units.

This Hot Cleansing Gel comes with quality thickness when it's being squeeze out of the packaging. It's an All-in-One cleanser that can exfoliate blackheads and dirt on the face, keeping the face always clean and refreshing. It is also featured in the Taiwanese variety show 女人我最大. 

Manara Hot Cleansing Gel is free of harmful additives such as coloring, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants, ethanol, parabens, UV absorbing chemicals. It has proved to clean dirt thoroughly and removes make-up dirt and blackheads without any irritations.

Highlights: Cleansing with Manara hot cleansing gel allows you to use the gel to massage the face, improving blood circulation while it's warm on your face as well as an easy, smooth and gentle way to clear off the dirt. Your face is left hydrated after every cleansing, as it contains 90% beauty serum ingredients. The beauty essences will boost your moisture level even after washing off.


Gold has long since captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world and symbolizes eternity and prosperity.

Impressed your friends with Luxury Chocolate Gift wrapped in gold. Edible and unforgettable, make it memorable and worthwhile.


If you're a Bubble tea lover and have had enough of local bubble tea, hop by Sanada Seian. Try their premium rice milk! This is especially good for Vegan, it's all-natural, made from fermented rice.

Highlights: It's Gluten-free, Alcohol-free, Dairy-free, GMO-free, Fat-free, 100% Contract farming rice. Perfect for Vegan and Lactose intolerant individuals. 

Brown Sugar Boba Japanese Rice Milk - $6.50/-
Golden Azuki Macchiato Milk Tea - $6.00/-
Pure Gold Yuzu Red Bean Soup - $5.80/-


Sugi Bee Garden began 72 years ago (1946) in Kumamoto, Kyushu Island (Japan), when Takeo Sugi, the founder, jumped into the beekeeping world with only 3 beehive boxes. “The best honey in Japan could be made in the flowery city of Kumamoto due to its year-long warm climate”. Upon having this thought, Takeo Sugi soon made up his mind to make a top-quality honey product that customers would deeply appreciate.

The early considerations of Sugi Bee Garden have continuously been passed down through generations of beekeepers. Sugi Bee is also actively pursuing the highest quality of honey outside of the extraction season.

Sugi Bee Garden says "Let's enjoy the double power of honey and fruits in an easy way". Sugi Bee Garden is well-known in making Fruit Juice Infused Honey and my favourite is Yuzu Honey. It can be blended in water as well as using it as morning bread's jam.

It comes with different flavours and fruit, let us enjoy the healthy properties ingredients in the honey; Yuzu, Grape, Blueberry, Mango, Raspberry, Acerola and Lemon.  

For each portion of fruit juice fusion honey, add 6 portion of water and you can enjoy the drink. 

Other than fruit juice fusion honey, they also produce other varieties of honey such as mixed flower honey as well as preserve ginger honey. 

Last but not least, not forgetting the well-known Ichiran Tonkatsu Ramen at Ichiran's focus booth.
So head down to the Japan Food Matsuri now!

The Japan Food Matsuri is held in conjunction with Takashimaya Department Store’s 26th Anniversary when you can also take part in "win your dream vacation" lucky draw when you spend $250 and above. View more information here: https://www.takashimaya.com.sg/taka26/

Takashimaya Shopping Centre: B2 Square 3rd– 20th September 2019 


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