Ultimate Chair for your Gaming Comfort: Fantech ALPHA GC-183

A healthy posture; when the spine is properly aligned–promotes greater overall comfort while seated, including improved concentration and endurance through long hours of task over the table. Having said that, you could be for Gaming, work or any other form of activities that requires you to sit and enjoy the activities process on the chair.

Before I had my ALPHA GC-183 gaming chair, I can be found doing my work from the couch, dining table, on the bed or study table with a simple chair without backing which often leads to backaches. I’ve found that the back pain increases when we are not sitting in the right posture especially without a proper chair or seat.

Other than having ALPHA GC-183 for gaming purposes, it can be really useful as an office desk's chair as its flexibility and varieties of functions that come along with it is pretty much versatile. Without a good chair, I tend to take more breaks while doing my work at the desk. And so, a good quality chair helps not only soothe our aching backs but also helps us in focusing the things we want to complete during the sitting time.

As I primarily work from home these days, my desk's chair is as much important as my bed. It must provide me with great comfort as well designed that emphasize on ergonomics. Other than being mindful of the aesthetic of the chair, I think a factor most people should consider is that when you choose your chair, it will be able to create a healthy environment while reducing the potential for injury in the workplace/gaming room.

Why I choose Fantech's ALPHA GC-183 gaming chair?

Fantech's ALPHA GC-183 has some easy buttons and controls to set the chairs to the desired position. Ultimately good for people who are conscious about sitting in the right posture yet comfortable.

This chair is very useful not only for gamers but for people who stay at their work desk for a long time on a daily basis. Won't have to worry about backaches because the cushion is good, it also comes with the top and back pillow to add extra comfort to the sitting position.

Almost everything can be adjusted, to each and everyone's personal preference. It also carries good weight when at the lying down position. I've tried not just my weight, but my Nephew-in-law who is 5 times bigger size than me, and of course, it can support really huge people or "stuff toys" you add onto. Haha.

Gaming Chairs are the best chairs. Ultimately, the reason why gaming chairs are better for people who play games is that they're better than office chairs in almost every way. Both gaming chairs and office chairs are designed for long hours at a desk, but gaming chairs have more options when it comes to adjustability. Office chairs aren't as adjustable since normally it's only for typing activities.

Another reason why gaming chairs are better is that they feature more cushion, which in turn makes them more comfortable. The only thing office chairs have going for them is that they're less costly, what you pay is what you get. Gaming chairs maximize comfort with tons of adjustability and super durable framing, making it worth its price it is encounter for.

If you always go for quality, healthy-conscious and have a little extra money, it is definitely worth the money to get a better and more comfortable sitting working/gaming experience.

It's not cheap but it's affordable and of great quality! We are not talking about a thousand dollars here, while good and original quality gaming chair can range from $600-1000+.

You may also find some $80-200 gaming chairs online, however, there's always a reason why it is cheaper. There may be parts that are replaced by a cheaper material, you gotta check this before purchase as it may be dangerous if the chair is used for kids/children. A good gaming chair should carry the weight of the one sitting on it wherever position this person is in. For me, safety always comes first.

More about Fantech's ALPHA GC-183:

For the ultimate in Gaming comfort, Singapore gamers can also invest in the ALPHA GC-183, a tilting, reclining gaming chair, focused on ergonomic and the best build-quality. Branded with the Fantech insignia with an overall cool black design with red sew-lines, the ALPHA GC-183 takes what makes gaming chairs great and cranks the dial closer to perfection.

More about Fantech:

Fantech is a leading, independent gaming brand, specializing in accessories and upgrades for the PC market. With active markets across Asia, the company has already provided millions of gamers with technology across Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and beyond.

With the slogan "#GEARUPANDWIN," Fantech continues to push the boundaries of performance and exploring the possibilities of play, equipping gamers from all walks of life the best in class gaming gears possible. Fantech is a brand that continues to listen to the needs of the gaming community and fulfilling those needs via its strong social media presence, as well as great eCommerce solutions for buyers from all over the world.

Fantech recently expanded in Singapore:

Fantech announces that they are expanding their line to cater to game enthusiasts in Singapore. The leading brand specializes in gaming gear and accessories such as precision gaming mice and mechanical keyboards. After securing markets in Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, and Myanmar, the company will now introduce thousands of Singaporean gamers to their product line.

Expanding into Singapore is the latest in a long line of steps Fantech is taking in the region. "We're pleased to bring our fantastic gaming gear to more and more markets," advises Fandy Pinardy, CEO of Fantech. "Singapore's gaming scene is growing all the time. Therefore, it is only natural that we should cater to a market in need of leading, responsive technology." Gaming in Southeast Asia is only going to get bigger. Therefore, Fantech wants their Singapore fans to prepare themselves for new challenges. There is nothing quite like a responsive gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset combination. It really changes the game.

Fantech's products are retailed online at and can be purchased through their Lazada https://www.lazada.sg/shop/fantech/

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fantech.singapore/ 
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantech.singapore/
Official Website: https://fantech.sg/


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