Stop Hamster Cruelty and Abandonment: Here's how you can help

Many people in Singapore own pets that are treated as a family member. As pets owners, it is cultured that we care for our pet's well-being and life. No matter if they have gotten sick in certain parts of their life, it is only right for us to stay with them and fight it through with them. Just like, you won't abandon your child or parents when they are sick, and you should always do the same for your pets.

Unfortunately, not many people would think the same way for Hamsters. As much as I'm concern, no matter how small they are and how short their lifespan is... it is still lives. Many of Hamsters' abandon cases are related to hamsters being a sick and parents-children issue.

I've heard stories like, the parent bought a hamster for the child because she did well in exams and they threw the hamster and the cage out of the house a few months later because the child is not obedient. Hey there... if your child doesn't behave, punish the child, not the hamster.

Coming back to the topic, if you think you can't afford the vet's fee for your hamster's health... you can actually approach Hamster Society Singapore for help. Surrendering your hamster is the last resort and abandoning is not even a choice you can think of.

Hamster Society Singapore is a non-profit, all-volunteer group of animal lovers. I'm really grateful that they have come into place, and set up such an organization in Singapore. There were people helping cats, dogs, and rabbits, but there wasn't much help for hamsters back then.

Credits: HSS

HSS has observed a great need in the community to assist, rescue, foster, and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected, and abused hamsters we so often see. The organization is committed to ending the cycle of neglect, abuse, and wanton breeding by providing quality education, resources, and advocacy on proper and responsible hamster care. They provide screening of all adoptive applicants to assure that hamsters go to qualified adoptive homes.

HSS is a non-profit organization. Just for your information, For Surrender of Hamsters, there is a small fee of $10 per healthy hamster and $150 per sick/injured hamsters. Surrender fees go to vet fees and medication, and the cost to care of the fosters of HSS. As well as sick or injured hamsters may require round the clock care, emergency medical attention, or rental of medical equipment.

Where there's the surrender of Hamsters also means there's adoption available. If you know people who are interested to adopt Hamster, why not make it a good deed as well to give these hamsters a better life. Approach HSS by applying to adopt, don't forget to study how you can take care of one before having them.

Please share this post so we can all do our part to give these poor hamsters a better life.

Last but not least, know the Law in Singapore:

Any person found guilty of neglecting an animal faces a fine of up to $10,000, and/or imprisonment for up to 12 months. In the case of subsequent offenses, the offender faces a fine of up to $20,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years.

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