Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look and Feel Good in Singapore

Have you recently moved and looking to make your space your own? Or maybe you've been in your own space for a long time but want a fresh new look. Whatever the reason is, here's some home d├ęcor hacks that are inexpensive and make your space feel and look good at the same time.

1. Use Daiso / Ikea's Storage

Daiso has been like an Aladdin's heaven of wonderful things that you've never thought could be so cheap and Ikea makes it easy for us to maximize space with its very own innovation. If you're struggling with storage, you should start measuring your space and plan what is needed to store and write a shopping list of storage you need. Head down to both Daiso and Ikea and explore these Storage that can make your home looks extremely neat, organized, and convenient. 

2. Choose a bold paint color or striking patterns

Painting of your home's wall is a cheaper alternative to feature walls and customizing the design makes a big visual statement in the space. You don't need it to be too fancy, just something you like, and a little bit of eye-catching will make your space feel different. 

Most basic painting services charge about average 3-4k per 4-room flat, our artistic wall art actually costs slightly less than the average price for basic painting and I think it's a real deal. If you need painting service at a lower rate with quality remains, here's Amos contact (+65 8742 4768).

3. Be Strategic with your indoor lighting choices

Good lighting is essential. Creatively placing low-voltage / dim lighting around the house is a decor fix that creates a visually appealing contrast of light and dark areas. However, that is depending on your preference for lights as well as what you would like to use it for at your space.

4. Upcycle things that you don't use, make it new!

A little imagination and a bit of DIY spirit can go a long way when you’re looking to add a personal touch to your space. A coat of paint or spray paint can turn almost anything into a look like a new object, spend some time looking through Pinterest, and set goals to upcycle old things into a new, probably furniture or practical things in your house. I've converted a few things in my own little Artspace in the home. The possibilities are endless once you start getting the creative vibes.

(Pink Seashells decoration, made from Recycled Giant Cockles shells)

5. Artwork, Quotes or Photo as Decorations

You may be loving a quote for a long time, or having a photo with memory very much to your liking, or an Artwork drew/created by yourself. Print and Hang it up on your wall will be a perfect idea! Choose your artwork, quotes, photos wisely if you're very particular about its visual pairing with your home's design. If you're afraid of boredom and seeing the same thing for a long time, you can even pick a few quotes and photos, swap it regularly. 

6. Make your space Soft and Cozy

Large cushions and colorful throw pillows/cushions scattered around your living room make it easy to get comfy on the sofa. If you're not a pillow or cushion person and love something more shapey such as a plush toy, this could be a good option too. These ideas are great for both romantic evenings and family movie nights. You can pick a color scheme or even swap things in and out seasonally.

7. The Inexpensive Muji

Minimalism lovers would have heard of Muji. Muji's design philosophy is minimalist, and it places an emphasis on recycling, reducing production, and packaging waste. Buying a few Muji items can easily cost up to hundreds, everybody loves Muji however not everyone could afford such a lifestyle. 

Here I am sharing Iuiga as a second option if you think Muji is too expensive, however, it is not as minimalist as Muji. They both have different styles, yet similarity in it. You might want to explore Iuiga, especially with the Shopback app to get extra discounts. If you do not have a ShopBack account yet, simply click on this link to join and start getting cashback soon!

8. Add some Fresh Landscape

You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscaping for an expensive look. Invest in some succulent plant and cactus that can be easily grabbed from Ikea's store shelves. You won't need to be a gardener every day with plants that don't need water that often. 

9. Add some Interesting Knick Knacks

Maybe you've collected your knick-knacks on travel trips... After all, it's the personal touches that turn a house into a home... Arrange such items or collections in different sections of your home space or have fun by creating a montage of them randomly on top of a clear space such as shelvings. 


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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