Hexi Haircare Range: Smells & Feel so Good!

I love at first sight upon unboxing Hexi Haircare Range; it comes with a 300ml Hexi Ginger Amino Acid Shampoo and Hexi Ginger Amino Acid Nourishing Conditioner. The packaging of it gives an attractive aesthetic that has a feeling of luxury. 

Very much reminded me of Five Star Hotel's stay, Toiletries Supplies. My obsession with Hexi Haircare Range's shampoo is not only about its aesthetic but also its rich fragrance that makes me feel so comfortable staying in the Bathroom and enjoy washing my hair with it. 

It's more than just a Shampoo that has a great scent, it repairs my fuzzy messy hair into a smooth texture. I tried one day without using the Conditioner and another day with the Conditioner. To achieve the ultra silky hair, using both, Hexi Haircare Range makes my hair really smooth, soft, and shiny than ever.

It is so Impressive! Even, the other day when I was using just the shampoo alone, I can totally feel the difference from before I washed it with Hexi Ginger Amino Acid Shampoo. It's like a Hair treatment and Therapy from home. Make it double treatment and therapy with both the Shampoo and the Conditioner! Just one time, you can see the effect but of course, maintenance thereafter is important too! Feel good with your Hair again!

This is especially good for people who have bleached your hair before and when it turns out fuzzy messy... simply just use Hexi Haircare Range to repair it. 

Hexi Ginger Amino Acid Shampoo contains 8 core ingredients. Some ingredients are really rare which you don't see in most shampoo brands; Avocado, Vitis Vinifera, Panax Ginseng, Collagen Protein, and many more.

The Main function and benefits of Hexi Shampoo:
- Prevent hair loss
- Hair growth
- Oil control
- Ginger + Ginseng have the effect of hair growth
- Polygonum multiflorum has the effect of fixing hair and preventing hair loss
- Glutamic acid has the effect of repairing and accelerating hair regeneration
- Collagen + Avocados help achieve deep nourishing and oil control effect

On the Other hand, Hexi Ginger Amino Acid Nourishing Conditioner is recommended to be used together with Hexi Shampoo as it helps mask the strong ginger fragrance of the shampoo. The fragrance really stays on my hair for a long time, the nicest scent ever!

The Main function and benefits of Hexi Conditioner:
- Smooth, repair, and lasting fragrance
- Glutamic acid has the benefit of repairing and accelerating hair regeneration.
- Wheat protein + Avocado can achieve the effect of deep nourishment
- The fragrance of hair conditioner is composed of a variety of plant essential oils, with
natural flavour and lasting fragrance
Suggesting to get a set together with the shampoo to get optimal results and cost-saving.

Tips for Hair Dye
Take out 10-20ml of conditioner and mix up into the hair dye. It can help to remove harmful substances, odour and reduce hair damage. Your dyed hair will come out soft and smooth and will be brighter and long-lasting.

Tips for Water Spa
Prepare a small basin of warm water, take out around 10-20ml conditioner into the basin and mix it up. Put in your hair into the warm water and soak for 10-20min, then rinse it.

Tips for Hair Mask
Apply 30-40ml of the conditioner on the midsection and ends of your hair. Put on hair steamer heats up for 15min after that leave it cool down for 15min then rinse. If you don’t have this at home, just wrap with shower cap and heat up using the hairdryer.

The above Hexi Haircare Range are retailed at S$30.00/per 300ml bottle and both at $52. These can be purchased at https://www.gateriesboutique.com/product-page/hexi-ginger-amino-acid-shampoo and it comes with dispenser piece for your convenience. 

Find them on Instagram @Gateriesboutique 

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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