Neat Home on a Budget: Daiso Haul

Who doesn't love shopping at Daiso? Many of us are die-hard fans of the brand ever since it first opened in Singapore. I have to do Daiso shopping every month, can't live without it. Even there's nothing much to buy, window-shopping at Daiso has become a necessity for me. 

Well, I simply can't leave Daiso empty-handed, so I've always been improving my home with a small budget. I won't go broke with $2 for each item and for the quality provided it's all worth the money. 

So here are the 10 Best Things I bought from Daiso, in love, and most recommended for my followers!

1. Multi-purpose expansion rod

In my case, I'm on a budget for my home's toilet. It is not necessary to own a challenging-to-maintain glass panel and door, I've simply replaced it with an expansion bar and hang my shower curtain over. It is not that bad going on a budget. 

2. Soap Dispenser

If you dislike having too many different colours of brand packaging which makes your space looks cluttered up and ugly. A cheap solution would be buying Soap Dispenser from Daiso. Their dispenser comes in a wide range of sizes, definitely, you will find one that suits your needs. What's better is I can stop buying Soap that comes in bottles, now there's the option of buying refillable soap packaging. Save the environment too!

(Wood Dispenser: from Ikea, Transparent Dispenser: Daiso)

3. Plastic Trays

The really good thing about Daiso products is many items come in varieties of sizes in a design series. You can mix and match what suits your style or your home style. I bought this short plastic trays for my Makeup & Face items, and the taller ones I put the things that I won't want to see the clutter from far. 

4. Organise Boxes

If you've a lot of small things that you don't know how to organise, Daiso organise boxes are a perfect fit for such. It keeps messy things neat, and it keeps them away from Dust. 

5. The Art Stuff

I love shopping at the Art Section in Daiso, not only it is extra cheap compare to outside's prices. It also packaged in a very neat and Zen way. For example, Acrylic paint can be quite a mess especially if you've a lot of different colours and different shaped bottles. Daiso has basic colours and metallic colours paint, all in a single shaped bottle. Keeping everything so neat, and good.

6. Open-Storage

Open-storage are especially good if you need to access your things frequently, yet didn't want it to lie around messy. I've inserted some of these open-storage containers to my cabinet and shelves. These are foldable, so when it's not in use it will not occupy too much space.

7. Air-Tight Storage Box

Other than Art related items which are usually hectic and messy, Pets stuff too. So definitely, I'll buy the necessary storage box for keeping things fresh and still with that not so clutter up look. 

8. Bin

If you're looking for some fancy bin that doesn't cost much, Daiso is definitely the right place to get your bin. 

9. Fabric Mat

This is kind of creative, I don't see elsewhere selling this mini fabric mat. It can act as a Coaster or just a mat for areas that may be possibly wet but trying to prevent it. It is cute and keeps the area dry, 2-in-1. That's what I call value-for-money!

10. Dry Food Containers with a measuring Cup

I've seen this container for a while but never interest me until my entire Rice bucket got invaded by bugs, and I had to throw the entire bucket of rice away. So now I've separated my rice and other dry food, so just in case there's a bug invasion... I can still use the other containers' dry food. 

Daiso never fails to keep me excited and amazed about my shopping experience in decorating my home with the items. With such a low budget, it can hit that look's expectation, it's really amazing. There are so many more things that are worth your time and money shopping for. I may have just mentioned 10 of them, but here's more from my fellow blogger's friends:

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