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Eyebrows define our face shape and they definitely help us look sharp and glowly. If you are tired of spending hours in front of the mirror getting your eyebrow ready. Eyebrow Embroidery can be a great option as it adds semi-permanent coloured pigment to your skin, giving a full and flawless look. 

Almost everyone had their Eyebrow Embroidery done already and I was still hesitating if I should. I've seen examples of Eyebrow Embroidery which is not done well and somewhat leave a very deep impression and fear. I've feared for what I've seen on someone I know whose eyebrow was embroidered at a different height level for the left and the right brow, the facial expression definitely looks quite weird, and worst of all it's permanent.

Upon seeing a friend of mine had her eyebrow embroidery makes me initiate and ask about her experiences which leads me to have more confidence in trying it out. My friend Dawn had her Eyebrow Embroidery with Soul Beauty Place as shown in her video here had impressed me. After assuring that the Eyebrow Embroidery is done professionally, with precise measurements to suit individual face shape. I'm keen to have my first Eyebrow Embroidery with Soul Beauty Place and so, I went on and tried:

The steps are pretty straightforward, firstly the Eyebrow artist analyses my face shape and my feature before suggesting what suits me. After knowing my personal preference, she starts measuring my eyebrow and drawing the Eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil. View the process video, click here.

After seeing and agreeing on one side of my eyebrow, then she continues to draw another side. After drawing both sides and after I approved... next, she applied numb cream to make sure the whole session I will not feel a single painful feeling. The Eyebrow Embroidery session took about 2hrs plus, and I actually fell asleep while she was doing this entire session. 

If you've ever wanted to try Eyebrow Embroidery, I think this is where you can start. As it is a Neighbourhood shop, it is definitely much more affordable. Here is the price list for all of the beauty services they provide: 

744 Yishun Street 72, #01-185,
Singapore 760744
(HDB Opposite Yishun MRT) 

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 11am-8pm


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