Rebow Baking Soda Cleaning Solution for Fruits, Vegetables & Stubborn Stains

Clean & Care like a Pro: Rebow Baking Soda Cleaning Solution for Fruits, Vegetables & Stubborn Stains

We've heard so much about what Baking Soda can clean so much more than other washing detergents. There are many people using Baking Soda as an extra cleaning solution for dirt that can't be removed by the standard dishwasher soap. 

It has been useful for me as well for stubborn stains but it can be pretty inconvenient for me during rush hours. Before I realized there's such thing as "Rebow Baking Soda Cleaning Solution",  I've been always using baking soda to soak stubborn stains before washing them off. 

Rebow Baking Soda Cleaning Solution is a water-gel type Dish Soap Active that is made of safe, cleaning ingredients similar to food level and proven safe ingredients. Therefore, it is suitable for washing Fruits & Vegetables too. Pretty unbelievable, it's so strong to clean stains, and yet it is food safe and able to be versatile and can wash many kinds of things. This would help save Kitchen space as you won't need to get multiple types of cleaning solutions for every kind of thing.

(I've uploaded a video on Tik Tok for washing Brocoli's wax with Rebow Baking Soda Cleaning Solution, click here to watch:

Adding on to convenience, the bottle design makes it easy to squeeze, open and close quickly. If you're afraid of wastage, there are also refillable packages that you can pour into the existing bottle you have.


Last but not least, Rebow is originated from South Korea and it is not very known in Singapore. So, there's only one shop selling it so far and it's located at Orchard Gateway. 

Dish Washing Baking Soda Water Active 420g in Bottle - $6++
Dish Washing Baking Soda Water Active 420g Refill - $5++

277 Orchard Rd, B1-05 Orchardgateway, Singapore 238858

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