Best 4 Taxi & Car Hailing App in Singapore

Taxi can be hard to come by especially during peak hours and when cabbies are changing shifts. You can book ahead of time or hire one that overcharges with surge pricing, or compare within different Taxi apps for a better rate, and a better ride experience. If you do not have multiple Taxi/Car hailing apps yet, you may consider installing them for a better and not so time-consuming waiting time for cabbies. 

As much as it can be a comparison for price over the different car-hailing apps, it could also save time finding one that is willing to fetch you to your destination. 

Here are the Best 4 Taxi & Car Hailing App I'm using and I'm happy to share my Referral links for you: 

1) Grab: 

2) Ryde:

3) Tada:

4) Gojek:


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