Keolleo Bar at Bugis Cube: One-Stop Beauty Salon

I've been having black short hair for about 2 years and felt like it's time for a change. I wanted to remain my hair length, so my only choice is to either Dye or Perm. After talking to the Hairstylist from Keolleo Bar, I've decided to go with Hair Dye as well as a Hair treatment to soften my Dry Hair.

A little about Keolleo Bar, they've been operated for 8 years at Bugis Cube and they have 4 different outlets under the same building. Each shop outlet is for its own specialty, such as Keolleo Bar is for Hair services & related and Keolleo Glam is for Beauty services. This also means they offer services such as Manicure, Nose Lifting, Facial, Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyelash extension, Waxing for the full body, Hair services, and more. That's quite a big range, right?

I did the Milbon Hair Treatment here at Keolleo Bar after my Natural Brown Hair Dye is completed. This Hair treatment helps in maintaining the beautiful style and colour of the hair, it uses Botanical Bonding Technology which helps the structure of the freshly coloured hair. Step 1 & 2 as shown in the above picture are simply applying the solutions to the hair, and Step 3 is for locking & protecting the hair. 

Here's my Final Hair colour and Hair texture: 

Not forgetting, Keolleo Bar says they are specialized in everything Hair especially Hair colouring, and Anti-frizzy Hair Treatment. If you need such services, feel free to visit them at Bugis Cube!

Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 189768
Keolleo Bar #03-04 Keolleo Glam #02-08


Promotion from Keolleo Glam: (Anti-Wrinkles $299, Immediate effect)


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