SuperFood Lab: Drink Up for Glowing Skin and Slim Body Shape

When you are out in the sun, your clothing shields you from harmful UV radiation. A better way could be using SPF sunblock products or even drinking Superfoodlab's beauty drink such as the Super White C+.

You may have drank certain beauty-related products such as Collagen drinks, but have you heard you can also protect your skin and enhance whitening by consuming drinkable sunscreen? Nah, not the sunscreen cream... It's a tasteful Refreshing orange flavor with a light touch of sweetness in the drink. Simply pour the powder sachet (4g each) into the cup with water or directly into the mouth and drink plenty of water.

As a person who works not only indoors but outdoors as well, maintaining good skin condition and slowing down aging is really important for me. Having said that, I don’t only apply my daily routine beauty creams but also take notes of what I consume and further enhancements such as drinking SuperFood Lab’s Super White C+. 

As heard the product Damaged Free Radicals and Oxidation, Pigmentation & UV Prevention. It disrupts melanin formation for skin whitening, lightens dark spots, and improves complexion. The product is Origin from Australia and its clinically proven results suppress the formation of melanin within 4 weeks.

Some of the Ingredients used include Orange (Rich in vitamin C, an essential antioxidant for skin health), Hyaluronic Acid (unique ‘water-loving’ properties), Acerola Cherry (contains around 30 times more potent vitamin C than lemon), Glutathione (the master of skin whitening antioxidant’ glutathione, clinically proven to suppress the formation of melanin)

It's the master of skin whitening antioxidants’ and 160% (RDI)1 high potency antioxidant vitamin C effectively supports UV protection, suppresses the formation of melanin*, and retains moisture in the dermal layer for hydration. It provides high efficacy and targeted skin protection to prevent the problem of skin aging, such as darkness, sagging, freckle, and dehydrated skin.

Additionally, if you're trying to slim down... you may also try Superfoodlab's Super Hot Fat Burn Drink. It is known that "Glycation" is one of the main causes of skin aging as ingesting too much sugar and starch. It is said to be taken before each meal to have a better effect. 

Recently, I’ve been keeping up with my health as well as my slim appearance with Superfoodlab's Super Hot Fat Burn Drink. This drink helps to detox the unnecessary fats in the body and maintain my figure so I will have no worries about eating the food I love. Here’s the before and after:

To fasten your slimming journey, you may consider the ‘keto diet! The ketogenic diet involves a moderate intake of protein and a drastic reduction of carbs and sugar with the replacement of high-fat foods, leaving your body in a metabolic state called ketosis to burn fat. It is an effective way to weight control without feeling hungry between meals. Goes with SuperHOT, the fat reduction is greatly effective!

Partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) is a powerful soluble dietary fiber. When ingested, PHGG becomes a gel-like substance in the digestive system and act as a natural barrier to reduce blood glucose spike by 50% and 20% less calorie intake*. It is also an effective supplement to suppress the absorption of unwanted glucose and lipids from carbohydrate, sugar, or fat-heavy diets.

Best of all, it doesn't taste nasty at all. As well as it's convenient in small packs, so you can bring it anywhere you go. It dissolved easily in both plain water and beverages. Some of the Ingredients used include Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum (soluble fiber combines with water in the digestive tract and form a gel-like substance to block excess sugar and carbs)Green Coffee Bean Extract (Which contains fat-burning elements to trigger the overall energy level and glucose metabolism)Raspberry Ketones (stimulating a stronger thermogenesis capacity in order to melt stubborn fat from the belly and waist)

Last but not least, it is Vegetarian friendly and the product does not contain animal-derived ingredients or additives. 


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