Tracyeinny: Homegrown Women Fashion Brand in Singapore

As you may hear, Tracyeinny is a homegrown local womenswear label, that believes in inclusivity and the ability to cater to every woman. Most of our pieces are designed specially to be stretchable and flexible, thus they forgo sizing labels and adopted free sizing.

My fashion style has been neglected for a while. In the past, I did not follow a brand or buy from the same shop for my fashion until I met Tracyeinny. Depending on whether I like it, I've bought from everywhere regardless of the brand. 

Trying on Tracyeinny's dresses completely transformed me and I fell in love with the transformation I experienced. In addition to looking great, their dresses are very comfortable and give me a much more confident feeling.

Bonus: They have a cute bag series call Mood Bag that is able to swap colour pockets every day... The quality feels good too! 

Unlike many fashion stores, the clothing and dresses are usually made to fit S or M sizes. I love Tracyeinny's ability to make it so versatile for people of varying sizes, as well as those who want to eat more without worrying about getting their buttons or zips burst.

What's more? You can buy a new outfit with your Besties and have fun Twinning as well as photoshoot together!

Check them out and try some Dresses!

Store Locator

TAMPINES 1, #01-14

PLQ, #02-35

Operating hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 11am - 9pm
Thurs, Fri, Sat : 11am - 10pm

**PROMOTION** from Tracyeiiny

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You can purchase their dresses both online and at their shop outlet.


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