Newly Revamped Anchorpoint at Alexandra: Eat, Shop & Rejuvenate Wellness

A day spent exploring the recently Revamped Anchorpoint feels like stepping into a Modern shopping mall with a nostalgic external facade. 

The striking contemporary curve trellis that graces the ceiling of the Ground floor's Entrance area immediately caught my attention, and I must say, I'm quite enamored with its design. This impressive architectural feature seamlessly connects the entire Entrance area to The Marmalade Pantry cafe, located at the heart of the Shopping mall. The bright and modern aesthetics create an Inviting atmosphere, making it a delightful experience to savour a meal or sip on a Beverage in this Vibrant setting.

A little about The Marmalade Pantry (#01-23/24/25/35/36), styled as an alfresco café, provides a serene escape from a shopping frenzy. Ideal for casual meet-ups, business lunches, or intimate gatherings, savour the essence of the good life.

My friend Mcking and I have tried The Marmalade's Lychee Earl Grey Freeze, a refreshing choice on a hot Singapore day. The Lychee sweetness masks the Earl Grey, leaving just a hint of its fragrance.

Come along as I embark on a One-day Journey at Anchorpoint, beginning with a visit to the Nithya Priyan School of Yoga. Here, I find serenity and balance as I engage in meditation and rejuvenating stretches in the tranquil Zen room, surrounded by fellow yoga enthusiasts. 

My friend, Mcking, also emphasizes that the yoga class is tailored for beginners for this session, accommodating those new to it. The instructor diligently inquires about injuries, suggests simplified poses when necessary, and concludes by gauging the participants' experience, displaying great compassion, awareness, and expertise.

A little about Nithya Priyan School of Yoga (#B1-36/37), it is a center for the learning of Yoga Asana for students of all levels of proficiency. As a Registered Yoga School under the Yoga Alliance and a Continuing Education Provider, we provide a structured and integrative approach to our classes, courses, workshops, and retreats.

Just as we can appreciate shapes and styles in architecture, we can draw parallels to the world of jewelry. Now, let's move on to our second stop, A Kind Ooof... This is a haven for enthusiasts of silver and gold jewelry, where you'll be irresistibly drawn to shop for stylish, jewelry pieces to buy back. What sets this place apart is that some of the jewelry is personally designed by the shop-owner, who also collaborates with jewelry designers from abroad.

A little about A Kind Ooof (#01-19), A KIND OOOF celebrates individuality, fostering a supportive community that embraces diversity. Established in April 2019, it offers handcrafted 925 Silver jewelry and expanded into lifestyle products in 2020, enhancing your daily life's beauty.

Moving forward, if you are a coffee lover, step into Anagram Coffee for an immersive experience. They offer a diverse coffee selection in a welcoming ambiance. Notably, their focus on coffee, service, and design creates a unique atmosphere akin to a modern rustic farmhouse with comfortable, zen-like brightness.

Anagram Coffee rotates every few weeks, featuring global origins like Australia and Ethiopia, keeps each visit exciting, and intrigues the palate. Their unique oat milk option intrigued me, as I'm unsure of its prevalence. My friend Mcking, who is a coffee lover, shared his preference for regular milk over oat milk. He also noted that today's coffee had a pleasant fruity hint, although its origin remained a mystery.

A little about Anagram Coffee (#01-13A), Anagram Coffee believes coffee is an immersive experience. They pride themselves on serving the freshest, expertly brewed coffee and catering to each coffee lover's unique preferences. Their inviting, community-oriented space fosters connections, while sustainability and ethical sourcing underscore their commitment to an unforgettable coffee experience. Come, savour a cup of coffee.

Next, we got to try some quintessential Smørrebrød at Overbrod. If you're a Danish-Swedish food lover, this is something for you. 

Having never been to Denmark and Sweden and with limited chances to appreciate Danish-Swedish cuisine, I'm not well-acquainted with it (apart from eating IKEA's Swedish Meatballs). This could also serve as a great introduction for many others just like me. For people who aren't familiar, Smørrebrød represents a classic Scandinavian culinary tradition—a Danish and Norwegian open-faced sandwich on buttered rye bread, typically adorned with ingredients like cold cuts, meat, fish, cheese, spreads, and assorted toppings. 

Mcking and I both find the Mushroom Smørrebrød impressive. It's my top choice, followed closely by the Cured Salmon Smørrebrød, which ranks as my second favorite. Let me share that they've skillfully blended a fusion of Singaporean favourite Bakkwa into their Smørrebrød Mushrooms. These Mushrooms are topped with candied bacon that carries the distinctive bakkwa flavour.

You can spot it on the menu or better yet, give it a try in person.

A little about Overbrod (#01-14A), OVERBRØD's mission is to offer a taste of Denmark to Singapore, showcasing freshly baked bread, savoury pastries, and signature sandwiches. Their passion for Danish cuisine, cultivated in Copenhagen, drives them to share this love in Singapore. They take pride in using high-quality local and Danish ingredients. The menu features classic Danish components like pickled herring, smoked salmon, and Danish cheese. The cozy atmosphere is designed for enjoying food and conversations with loved ones. 

Anchorpoint offers a Comprehensive range of Self-care shops, including your meditating essentials, self-style aspects, and irresistible Cafe and Dining options in a relaxing ambiance. 

While parents shop, they can also place their kids in the Automated Comics Library, accessible with an NLB card. It offers a wide range of comics by local and international authors, including both new releases and nostalgic classics. Though compact, it provides reading and entertainment for both children and adults.

A little about The Comics Library (#01-26/27), The Comics Library will maintain NLB's Grab-n-Go service, an automated self-checkout for a hassle-free book borrowing experience. Patrons enter by scanning their ID, selecting titles, and easily checking them out at the exit gantry with another ID scan.

To wrap up my day at Anchorpoint, our last stop brings us to a Historic structure located just in front of the main Anchorpoint shopping mall: the Brewmaster House, which was once the first Commercial Brewery in Singapore. The Brewmaster building, which is now partially occupied by Common Man Coffee Roasters, introduces a unique pleasure - a corner dedicated to Wine. Here, we will have the wine appreciation from Drunken Farmer while having some relaxed conversations.

A little about Common Man Night Shift's Drunken Farmer (#01-01), Drunken Farmer serves as a haven for natural wine enthusiasts in Singapore. They bridge the gap between international natural winemakers and Singaporean wine enthusiasts through various avenues: an online store, curated natural wines at Common Man Night Shift, natural wine workshops, and collaborative pop-up events. 

What sets our wine-tasting experience apart is our unique pairing of each wine with a range of unique desserts, from Churros to Okinawa Black Sugar Tiramisu. Each dessert can be paired with a specific wine, though it's not mandatory. The Churros boasts a delightful contrast, crispy outside, and soft inside, complemented by either Caramel or chocolate sauce. I'm Team Caramel, and Mcking is Team both! 

Mcking added: the cheesecake carries a light, citrusy note, while the chocolate fudge cake harmonizes beautifully with ice cream, enhancing the flavor compared to consuming them separately. The Tiramisu offers a light texture, with the sauce adding sweet depth. 

Mcking also pointed out that The Drunken Farmer offers natural wines, which may contain sediment, but this is entirely acceptable. The Alfresco concept and the expansive dining area combine to create a genuinely serene and relaxing atmosphere, making it an ideal tranquil setting.

Image Credits: Anchorpoint

Turning attention back to Anchorpoint's revamped style, what genuinely really captures my attention is its innovative Architectural concept and detail. 

Image Credits: Anchorpoint

With that being said, the theme "Sailing Towards a New Chapter" is introduced. This concept represents the mall as a central hub for the local community, incorporating carefully crafted Nautical Elements into its Design. Archways resembling the hull of a ship and travertine stone flooring evoking the feel of a wooden deck extend through the Main Lobby and the outdoor area known as The West Deck. Additionally, the B1 atrium's focal point is adorned with a Sea of Blue Mosaic Tiles.

Anchorpoint has undergone a remarkable transformation to provide Queenstown with a brand new and vibrant community with a mall they can take pride in. Cyclists and joggers can seamlessly transition from the Rail Corridor or Park Connector trails to catch their breath and enjoy a meal at Anchorpoint's bright and breezy West Deck where you'll find independent cafes. Park your Bike, Grab A Drink, and Take A Break here. 

Image Credits: Anchorpoint

Don't miss What's Coming up: 

Anchorpoint's Holiday Season is filled with Excitement: a Christmas Arcade every weekend from 25 Nov to 24 Dec, The Marmalade Pantry's exclusive Yuletide Feast menu running from 1 Nov 2023, to 7 Jan 2024, and ZERRIN's Crafting Change pop-up store at The West Deck from 3 Nov to 31 Dec 2023. Plus, look forward to McDonald's opening in January 2024.

Thanks, Anchorpoint for inviting me. =)

370 Alexandra Rd,
Singapore 159953

Opening Hours
Daily 7.30am-1am


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