Mural Painting in Singapore: Kampong Glam!

On a lookout for Street Mural Arts in Singapore? 

Head over to Haji Lane & Jalan Sultan Village and you'll find fascinating Artistic works on the walls and public spaces! It's one of the better known places with Mural Artworks around. 
 Haji Lane is a place with many Beautiful Colourful Shop houses. Inbetween these shophouses, hidden some Mural Artworks walls.

Here are some spots you can check it out, I didn't take photos of ALL the Artwork because it was just a casual walk for me & my friends. However, I've marked the location in the Map so you can visit them all! =)
This one along Victoria Street is kinda huge! 
Photo taken by Soon Hong, at the 3d Mural along the corner of Victoria Street.
 Mural around Sultan Gate, beside a Cafe's Wall.
#OOTD Wall, at Jalan Sultan Village. (Rectangle box in my map)
 There's many more Grafitti & Murals found in Jalan Sultan Village too. Like this one:
Here's my map for you!
Enjoy your Exploration!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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