Mural Painting in Singapore: Kampong Glam!

On a lookout for Street Mural Arts in Singapore? 

Head over to Haji Lane & Jalan Sultan Village and you'll find fascinating Artistic works on the walls and public spaces! It's one of the better known places with Mural Artworks around. 
 Haji Lane is a place with many Beautiful Colourful Shop houses. Inbetween these shophouses, hidden some Mural Artworks walls.

Here are some spots you can check it out, I didn't take photos of ALL the Artwork because it was just a casual walk for me & my friends. However, I've marked the location in the Map so you can visit them all! =)
This one along Victoria Street is kinda huge! 
Photo taken by Soon Hong, at the 3d Mural along the corner of Victoria Street.
 Mural around Sultan Gate, beside a Cafe's Wall.
#OOTD Wall, at Jalan Sultan Village. (Rectangle box in my map)
 There's many more Grafitti & Murals found in Jalan Sultan Village too. Like this one:
Here's my map for you!
Enjoy your Exploration!

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Hope you've enjoyed browsing through my Blogpost!

FYI, Photos with or without watermark are ALL taken by myself.
Have not much time to place watermark these days, but please respect my copyrights.

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