Chic, Cool & Cheap Hostel @ Malacca, Malaysia!

Malacca is one of the historical states of Malaysia. Rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures, tourists from all over the world flock over to catch a glimpse of the city’s well-preserved past. Singaporeans, in particular, love the delicious Peranakan cuisine and shopping at the Weekend's Night Market at Jonker Street in Malacca. If you are heading over for a weekend getaway, here’s one Chic, Cool and Cheap Hostel that I would recommend you to stay in Malacca!
It's really important to have good sleep, chill and relax during travel trip. If we don't, It would be bad if we get sick after the trip or during the trip.

This is Nomaps and this is my bed of the night.

I went Malacca this time without planning much, and not even plan which date i'm going back to Singapore or which Hotel / Hostel to stay in.

I would love to remain my "backpacking" trip feel, so Hostel was preferred.

It was a Saturday and December Peak Period. All the other Hotels that doesn't interest me cost about RM400 or beyond on that particular night. Most Hostel were fully booked, I was just in luck to passby the Back door of Nomaps. My first impression, I thought it was a Cafe but I saw that flyer beside the door and realized it's a Hostel. 

Pressed the bell, and one of the Hostel staff (Kavi) brought me around for a walk and had a good looked around at the whole place and room before booking it for the night. Kavi was very patience with me and I got really good Impression from Start to Ending of my stay.

There are many spaces of my interest. For example, they've a Beanbag AV room!
Good for those who want to destress! Can jump on Beanbags and Sit back & watch some Movies!

They also use a huge space for their Pantry, that comfort zone in there is just so much!
Two main things I love about #nomaps are those Artistic Mural Arts Paintings on the wall wherever I go within their space. The Arty people would love it!
Second, is their Awesome looking Toilet!
I am very concern, especially when it comes to the place i'm gonna stay or survive in. Toilet is extremely an important part of our Lifestyle. A bad toilet, will make you have bad day and night. 
Especially when travelling.

You won't want to use a Dark, Eerie, Smelly toilet... Right?

So yup. Nomaps toilet is very Bright and Nice! I love it!
It looks kind of Raw, but it's totally Clean and comfortable in there.
You've also no worries if you're taking a longer break and need a longer stay, they've all that you need.

A Good and Spacious Pantry, A nice room space with nicely layout Cabinets & shelves within your bed space and also a foldable table on your bed, being lazy here is just too good to be true here. A free to jump Beanbag AV room, A super nice toilet environment, and some random seats around the place (just like the courtyard) and with fresh air to chill all day and night. And of course, free and fast wifi!

Last but not least, a space for you to wash your clothing.
I wasn't just satisfied about the environment or cleaniness of the place. 

I love little details of the place, just like this one:
Very thoughtful space and people there is.

Although i don't kind of touch the Pantry food much, but they sweetly supplies 24hrs hot / cold water, coffee, tea, and some other random edible food and knick knacks.

Love, especially the friendly staff and superb service. 
Well, it's beyond service i would say.

Thank you Kavi and Farhan!
I enjoyed my stay! Great job there! Keep it up!

I'm for sure going back!

Details for your reference:

Weekend - rm120
Weekday - rm100

Private Room for 4:
Weekend - rm420
Weekday - rm500

Location Address: 

Located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock or better known as Heeren Street, this was once the enclave for the elite Peranakan in the mid-19th to early 20th century. Visit the A'Famosa, Dutch Square or the The Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum. NOMAPS offers close proximity to various attractions which are located within walking distance.


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