7 Hair Dye Colours with SL inc

Firstly, let me share this... SL Inc. is a company and authorized distributor for Hair Products such as Milbon and Framesi. However, they are more than distributors for Salons (non-consumer). They educate Salons on the Product being used and they would always need an extra head to try on the products. So here I am, trying 7 hair dye colours using Framesi products today. 

The colours I selected was Green and Purple-ish and the Professional team form out a few tones with the main colours below:  

There are a few more tones that match the above main colours, such as they also have included 3D metallic silver and two others. Well, not all Salons have 3D metallic colours. SL Inc supplies for the higher end salon too.

The smell isn't too strong, and it doesnt spike my scalp that much compare to some other product brands or salon experience. 

So Yay! Here's the outcome of the final look! 7 Hair Dye Colours Highlights mainly in the front and side of my hair. The front has the Purple-ish silver 3D Metallic colour, looking cool yea? 

What's after Hair Dye? Of course, it's daily hair Maintenance.
Read How I keep my bleached coloured hair Smooth & Shiny here. 

SL inc also helps to solve hair issues such as dry or damage hair problems, if you have any of such issue you may contact them via their Facebook.

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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