Maintain & Restore Body's Internal Balance - Drink 100% Natural Herbal Tonic

Herbal Tonic usually gives us an Impression that it may taste Awful or nasty for our tastebud and honestly I delayed to try KTW D2 Guard because of that... but looking at so much health benefits and it's food properties, I had my first small sip and I was impressed that this healthy drink doesn't taste as awful as I thought. In fact, it's slightly sour, not too sweet and not bitter at all! 
I was having quite bad constipation actually. The first day I drank this, I managed to poop end of the day and thought it may be a coincidence. However, the continuous my stomach bloat-ness, the shit problems and appetite have been improving slowly. Science doesn't prove that it helps the stomach nor its specs but at least it did for me. Here's what it really does: 

"KTW" D2 Guard is made using modern technology with natural herbal formula. This product assist by nourishing the pancreas, kidney and liver. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin (the main hormones that helps to regular blood glucose levels). With a 100% Natural Herbal Formula, "KTW" has no known side effects. "KTW" D2 Guard is suitable for anyone 12 years and above. It has other added Health benefits such as:

- Strengthens Bones and Waist
- Eases Joint Pain and Discomfort
- Improves Quality of Sleep
- Enhance Vitality
- Improves Energy Level
- Reduce Inflammation (Muscle Inflammation, Arthritis)
- Helps Diabetes Patient too

The ingredients of the "KTW" D2 Guard includes thai black ginger (known as kaempferia parviflora), morinda citrifolia (fruit that usually use for creating medicine), swietenia macrophylla (sky fruit) and bitter gourd (known as momordica charantia). As a natural health-care herbal drink, "KTW" D2 Guard is suitable for men, women, and children to drink, diabetes patients can also drink.

The internet doesn't have much information about "KTW" D2 Guard, you may purchase one and try and see if it's fits your liking. It's retailed online at affordable price at S$42.00/each bottle and can be purchased at

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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