Beauty Haul: Phutawan Skincare Products in just one click with Ctraftsg!

Under Singapore's Hot weather, keeping up with flawless hydrated skin can be a challenging task especially for people who work under the Sun just like me. 

Bangkok lovers may hear about Phutawan beauty products before, and here I am trying these products: Firstly, I really love the fragrance of Lemongrass so I choose the Lemongrass Body Scrub to scrub off the dirt produced by my sweat. 
Next, any natural moisturizer such as Organic Raw Shea Butter will help your skin to be nourished, youthful looking and well hydrated when you apply on daily basis. Shea Butter that loads with Vitamin A not only is very nourishing for the skin but also provides the needed moisturizing while reducing inflammation and boosting collagen production. 
In this recent few years, Thailand’s homegrown beauty brands are gaining international recognition and popularity, and you should get to know them too.
About Phutawan: Phutawan is a brand from Thailand and they use natural ingredients for their
skincare products. Their products range from body lotions, scrubs to hair shampoos and
I also choose two interesting fragrance that is out of the mainstream for Body lotions.

One of the selection is made from Pink guava extract which is Rich in Vitamin C.
As well as my favorite Lemongrass fragrance as well as its blend with Green Apple fragrance.

With a solid eCommerce ecosystem, Ctraft offers a wide range of products and focuses on
delivering an excellent customer experience from product discovery, education, purchase,
post-purchase engagement, and brand advocacy. You'll no longer need to take flight to Bangkok, Thailand to purchase Skincare products by Phutawan. 
Ctraft, pronounced as Craft [kraft, krahft], aims to be the number one online shopping and
selling store in Southeast Asia for skincare and beauty products. Ctraft believe that everyone
deserves to have easy access to good skin care and beauty products across the globe, that’s
why they started Ctraft.

There are other products by Ctraft that I did not select, you may view the range here:


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