Top 10 Most Common Eye Problems in Singapore

You probably have heard that the eyes are the window to the health and soul. It’s important to maintain the health of your eyes even as you grow older. Healthy eyes are a critical component in learning and experiencing growth and development. Doing regular checks for your eyesight is equivalent important as keeping it in good shape and in the pink of health.

Here are the Top 10 Most Common Eye Problems in Singapore, you may not know:

(1) Double Vision
Double vision is one of the most commonly heard eyes problem symptoms, however it isn’t something you can ignore. While typically temporary, it may signal a serious problem, such as a brain aneurysm or stroke. When you have double vision, you get two images when you look at a single object. The images may appear one on top of the other or side-by-side (or both ways).

(2) Computer Vision Syndrome
There are a number of factors that determine the amount of strain your body feels as you work on a computer or other digital device especially in this century everyone uses mobile phones and computers. The cause of CVS may also includes the different lighting in the room, distance from the screen, glare on the screen, seating posture, and the angle of your head and any existing vision problems you may have. One or all of these may combine to cause an uncomfortable amount of strain on your eyes. It's important that we rest our eyes when it gets tire and also do regular check up for the eyes.

(3) Seeing floaters 
Floaters are small shapes that people see floating in their field of vision, ranging from tiny black dots to cloud-like forms and they are very common. That sounds pretty scary already.

(4) Sensitive to light / glare 
Light is crucial for vision. It bounces off objects and enters your eyes, which allows you to see. But sometimes, it’s the source of vision problems, like halos or glare. Discomfort glare occurs naturally when a light source is too strong for your eyes. It might cause you to screw up or shade your eyes. Disability can be caused by eye conditions and with ordinary light sources and intensive levels of light source.

(5) Sudden Flashes of light 
Eye flashes are experienced in the form of lighting streaks or flashing lights. It can sometimes be triggered by a disease, such as head trauma or exposure to chemicals. If you experience any constant and annoying flashes in the eyes, it's probably one of the signs you need to see an eye specialist for professional eye care advice.

(6) Eye itchiness 
Some of the cause for watering of the eyes, can be caused by allergy to pollen, massive dust, pet hair, or other allergenic substances in your environment. Dry eyes can also be another cause of itching and tearing. 

(7) Constant tearing 
Tearing? Not when you are sad or watching that touching Korean drama?

When something gets in your eye, it's probably a speck of micro dirt, dust or your eyelash. It will make more tears to flush out from your eyes. Even micro stuff that is too small to see, like particles in smoke or chemicals in onions, may trigger this reaction. Once the problem has been swept away, your eyes should stop watering. But there are also possibilities of other eye problems and health issues can make you tear up more often too.

(8) Blur Vision 
Long-term blurry or distorted vision can be due to a number of causes.

Most commonly, blurry vision is inability to see clearly of an objects that are either far away or up close, is a sign of a simple refractive error like short-sighted (myopia), long-sighted (presbyopia), chinese term is 老花眼 (lao hua yan). These conditions can be readily managed with vision correction aids such as spectacles, contact lenses or refractive surgery such as LASIK.

(9) Distorted vision
Your vision continues to change well into your mid-20s, and while most of these changes are nothing to worry about, distorted vision or wavy lines and other seemingly minor image alterations could be a sign of an eye disease. You’ve likely heard of cataracts and glaucoma, but there are many lesser-known eye conditions that don’t cause severe vision loss but still impact your everyday life. Wavy lines may be a symptom of ocular migraines, and some other symptoms of illness we may not know.

(10) Eye pain 
One of the most common causes of sharp pain in the eye is debris. This occurs when something like dust, micro dirt, or other foreign substances gets into the eye, causing irritation and pain. If there’s a sharp object that’s still sticking out of your eye, don’t remove it. Get medical help immediately.

Do you have the above symptoms? If yes, it's time to consult your Eye doctor!

PREVENTION AND TREATMENT Early detection of eye diseases improves recovery and helps identify other issues in your body.
Your eye’s are not only the most important of your 5 senses, but without proper eye care, the health in the other areas of your body will suffer. As you may know it is extremely important to keep your eyes healthy, but do you know specifically the great results of good eye health?

The best way to ensure optimal eye health is to have your eyes checked regularly. An examination by an Optometrist is prudent because eye diseases do not always have symptoms. Prompt and early detection and timely treatment can prevent visual loss.

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