Western Eastern Holistic Medical Center by Intergrated Health Centre (IHC) at City Square Mall

A friend of mine, Lionel shared with me about the Blend of both Eastern and Western medical approaches that this clinic offer. So I went to try out their Full Body Health Screening service last week and from there, understand a little more about my health concern.

Talking about this, do you prefer Eastern or Western medical? I personally prefer Chinese Sinseh / TCM but it's never complete without Western technologies. Why do I say that? I really hated the experience of going into Polyclinic / GP, ended up with MC and some medicines that doesn't really solve the root of the problem. Western doctors only solves the problem of what the sickness shows, but doesn't kill the root of it. In long run, it doesn't help at all because the same sickness may come back again from the same roots that caused it.

Both TCM and Western medicine are used concurrently by many people in Hong Kong but not Singapore. In Singapore, people make decisions on which type of doctors they want to see for the specific illnesses that they are suffering from. Chinese medicine is considered to be milder and does not have as strong side effects as Western medicine. However, both has it pros and cons.

As you can see from some of these posters. The Integrated Health Centre (IHC) is designed to be your one-stop holistic healthcare solution with many different therapy, scan, wellness in one center. In this center, they collaborate with multiple science-based wellness partner with a range of treatment modalities, delivering personalized care to suit every individual need and harnessing the full benefits of complementary alternative medicine treatment. ​So far, I haven't see anyone doing this and I think it's a great idea for this Fusion.

Some of their specialties are helping individual to overcome chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, eczema, cancer, dementia, high blood pressure, stroke and other neurological & psychological conditions such as Insonmias, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and more .

The Integrated Health Centre (IHC) would make anyone feel really comfortable walking into spacious Welcoming Entryway.

This space is also partnered with Elo Water Lab, a brand by Hyflux Singapore. As you may wonder, what does a health centre have to do with a place that sells water?

Elo Water Lab doesn't just sell water. As heard from: Hyflux group chief financial officer Lim Suat Wah explained in an interview with The Business Times. "Oxygen can increase the cell's ability to generate more energy" "A cell with sufficient oxygen can actually generate 15 times more energy than a cell without sufficient oxygen. So this Elo Water puts the two together, the water element as well as the oxygen."

IHC also offers Bath packages especially for Cancer patient to smoother their recovering journey, using Elo Water and the Bath facilities in the center.

Wow, so much knowledge on this blogpost.

Let's get back to my Full Body Health Screening. Firstly the specialist pasted four Electromagnetic pad on my hand and generated 99 Page Full Body Health Report in just 1.5 minutes.
There were almost 30 different sections in the Body to talk about in an hour session. 

Some sections have more pages than the others and each pages will state how well your body are functioning with these reference standards.

These are statistic for you to understand what is happening in your body, what to prevent, eat more, eat less or even what kind of Lifestyle is more suitable for you as of this point in life.

After the health screening, I've also realized certain things which I didn't realized about my health. For example, there are no obvious symptoms that I'm lack of oxygen which shows in the Lung Function report.

As the expert says, this may be due to stress or any other possible reasons. It may be specifically on one reason but a few more that I need to take note. This is a good chance to see clearly what your body needs to improve.

From my impression, IHC uses Western technologies to find out the roots cause for our sickness before it happens. Western physicians will usually ask about a patient’s medical history and conduct a physical exam. They’ll diagnose pain based on structural problems, possibly with the help of technologies such as X-rays or other imaging. Eastern practitioners observe the pulse, tongue, eyes and color of the skin. They palpate, look, ask, smell and listen. Then they diagnose disharmonies, defined by eight fundamental patterns: interior, exterior, heat, cold, excess, deficiency, yin and yang.

Both Medical practices have their calling. They are each appropriate for different people, different situations and different illnesses, and here at IHC they are agreed to a new holistic healthy supremacy.

IHC's Holistic Treatment
Oxygen Therapy
Bio-Energy Therapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Mental Wellness Therapeautic Services
& Etc.

IHC's Services
Cellular Energy Optimisation
Cellular Oxygen Delivery
Blood Sugar Stabilisation
Nutritional Support
Mental Wellness
Skin & Beauty
Athletic Performance Enhancements
Children’s Programmes
& Etc.

If you would like to visit The Integrated Health Centre (IHC), here's their details:
Integrated Health Centre, 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, #03-08, Singapore 208539
Tel: +65 6634 0409 / +65 9777 1895

Integrated Health Centre, 38C Belvedere Close, Singapore 159883
Tel: +65 6634 0409 / Whtasapp +65 9777 1895

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 10am-7pm
Closed on Sunday


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Simply mention the Promo code: GWIHC when you book an appointment with IHC.
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♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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