How to Start a Food Blog in Singapore

Do you have a passion for sharing everything about food? Do you have a deep love for sharing food photos and for everything you love about food? Do you want to share your eating experiences with others? If it's a “yes” to all of these, starting your own Food blog is not a farfetched idea to have.

For the love of food, why not turn it into something inspiring and fun? If you have food knowledge and eating tips, carve yourself a creative and great food site, and archive it for your old-self to see and get satisfied with it. 

Before we start with the Tips, here's some stuff you need to think about before starting one. 


Step 1: What is a Food blog and do you want to have a Niche in cuisines?

A Food blog is exactly that… blogging about Food, or perhaps the Food you eat. It can be relatively sharing knowledge about the Food, whether or not if you're just sharing reviews and opinions or wanting to go deeper into sharing the Nutrition facts & more. 

As a Food blogger, you would be based on your personal preference and knowledge to write about the food you buy and eat. To make your food blog a successful one, think about you, your life & health, your passions. Is there anything that makes your blog's sharing unique with all these to think about? 

As you can see, when it’s something you’re passionate about, you’re unlikely to run out of writing ideas for the content as well. So if you’ve been wondering, “should I start a food blog?“, now you know exactly what’s involved.


Step 2: Choose where you want to post it?

There are many platforms you can choose from. The most popular blogs are basically (which is the one I'm using), or WordPress. There are other options such as which is much of a website interface, less suitable if you are a less technical kind of person. 


Step 3: Do you want to buy a Domain?

Free blog platforms don’t offer many customization options. You won’t be able to get your blog to look exactly how you like most of the time. 

Also, you won’t be able to customize your URL and it will look longer than you've ever thought about it. To make it easier and more professional for your readers to share, a shorter URL is always better. You can even choose to make it end without a .com, but .sg instead. 

Some people are fine with amateur-looking URLs like I'm all good with the long URL because I don't want to deal with web hosting & more technical stuff. 


Step 4: How do people find you?

I usually linked it up with my Social Media account, such as Facebook, Instagram, and now with Telegram. These days, there are more popular platforms that you can interlink with, such as Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest & more.

If you're not a Social media person, you may also work on some good backlinks so people can find you through other people's websites. 


Step 5: Publish your first Food Blog post

And finally, you’re ready to put your first Food blog post out to the world.

Learn the interface and get really proficient in it. As time goes by, there will be more things you will like to work on and improve your Food blog. 


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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