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Unlike my Mom's generation when she can choose to be a full-time housewife or a working mother. No one says chores are easy, even being a full-time housewife does not mean it's easy. House chores take a lot of time, effort, and sometimes strength. 

Housechores are never-ending, and it's so challenging to juggle between work and chores these days. For women who are challenging themselves with house chores, work, and probably kids. I totally understand running out of time is an everyday routine. The only thing I can probably keep up with is bringing Technology into my home to make my husband and my life easier. It saves both time and strength, and in general convenience. No need to use much strength for Chores, also means more energy to do the other things you love!

If you've watched my Instagram stories, you would have realized that I've got a New Smart Laundry System from GoodLiving aka It's their Premium model and it definitely makes Laundry chores way easier and faster. Some functions that I would like to share with you:

-Room's Light: you can remove your existing ugly service yard's light upon installing Laundry system.

-UV Light: includes Anti-bacterial and Anti-dust mite properties

-Blower: this emits warm air to speed up your Drying process

-Heater: if the blower is not enough for you, the heater is good to speed up the drying process.

The accessories that you can add on helps you to hang more stuff in different shapes and sizes onto the Smart Laundry system, such as:

-Baby clips: Never underestimate what these clips can do, it's versatility can help you in many ways when doing your Laundry chores. It can hang hangers, slot in socks/cloth & more. 

-Hook-on Basket: Never spoil your plush toys texture again by clipping pegs on them, simply let them have a ride onto this Basket. This basket is also useful when you have things that are harder to clip on, you can just put it inside here.  

-One-touch button:  This is a small button that you may place anywhere convenient. Easy peasy to end-off your Laundry chores by a gentle press of the button... the Smart Laundry system will return to its home above automatically. Don't even need to use strength. (the button only retracts up, not down)


This also simply means, when your hands are full and in need to take care of other things, you won't even need to bother about how's your Laundry doing. It's just so convenient.

Also, just like your many other smart home devices that can be automated and controlled over your smartphone. You can control it from your smartphone's app/voice control solution if you like to. Simply let knows upon purchasing for the add-on solution. 

This Premium Smart Laundry system from may look simple and sleek, but it can put a lot more things than I've thought. The dimension is 140cm in length at its shortest and can be extended to  240cm at its longest, that's almost double in length. The width is 60cm but can be extended to 100cm to provide additional hanging space. These extendable poles are great for larger items such as bedsheets, blankets, floor mats, and towels. 

I'm not done yet, I would like to also add that I love how it makes my small service yard space feels spacious again. Ever since I've put up some shelvings at my service yard for extra storage, it looks really cluttered up especially with the Bulky Laundry rack provided originally by HDB. It's so good that changing the Laundry system into a petite and smart version makes the space looks way better aesthetically. Totally love it!

As you can see I've chosen the Pretty Rose Gold Laundry system, it feels really soothing looking at the colour I prefer. Having said that, the Laundry system model that I've chosen comes in a good variety of 4 colours; Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Champagne. 

Last but not least, we don't get Sunny days every day in Singapore. Some days or weeks are hotter and some of the months, we have a whole week of rain. Clothes just can't dry properly, the odour & dampness can be quite bad on rainy weeks and days. Plus, my unit always doesn't have direct sunlight. Now that I've got this Smart Laundry system, I don't even need to worry about anything. I can turn on the Heater, Blower, and UV light whenever I want to. 

When it dries faster, means I can wash and dry more again.
Now I can do my Laundry chores and indulge in the convenience! 

GoodLiving Smart Laundry System are retailed online and can be purchased through their Website

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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