New Hair, New Me: Mucota Algana Treatment at Focus Hairdressing

If you're considering to keep your hair length but find it hard to maintain at your own length, I would say I have the same kind of stress as you do. Shoulder length hair has always been challenging for me to take care of, not about the texture but more about my natural curve. It curves exactly like the shoulder shapes and it looks super ugly. 

Before coming to Focus Hairdressing, I've always thought that hair perming is still tedious just as before because I used to have hair perm and I will still have to style at least 1 hour every day before going out.

Rebonding is too straight and I don't quite like it being too straight and flat.

Coming to a point, I have given up on finding new solutions to keep my hair trendy and tidy. Most of the day, I would just tie up my hair and go for work.

When I first visited Focus Hairdressing, I don't know what to do with my hair so I asked for some suggestions. Hairdresser Don suggested Mucota Algana treatment, which gives nourishment to the hair while changing its structure.

It has been so long since I maintain my hair well. Remember about the whole head bleaching and its maintenance? Read the post, click here. And thereafter I had this 7 Colours Hair Dye highlights, and so I left with the faded colours hair that looks pale grey and light pastel colours. I've re-dyed two times throughout the year for those ugly looking bleached hair but it kept fading over time.

So I tried the suggested C-curls perms along with Mucota Algana treatment as well as the hair dye over a short period of time compared to my last hair dye session. I feel the benefit of this treatment stands out because my hair still looks and feels natural, it's bouncing softly, smoother and have healthier shine.

In the process of the treatment, there are no irritations on the scalp as experienced before. There was no pungent smell which hurt the nose and eyes as experienced before I came to Focus Hairdressing. Overall, Mucota Algana treatment is less damaging than other general treatments and no harsh chemicals in it.

Never regret repairing my hair with Mucota Algana treatment and getting a whole new hairstyle that actually looks good on me. I feel younger and prettier now!

If you want to feel younger and prettier too, you know where you should be visiting:


Focus Hairdressing Cuppage Plaza 5 Koek Rd, #01-21/28 Cuppage Plaza Hotline: 6836 6608 Chinatown Point 133 New Bridge Rd Hotline: 6538 3162


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