Best Things to Catch-Up During Circuit Breaker

There are so many things that could easily kill happiness, especially during our mainstream busy lifestyle. As we are living in a fast-paced and developed city, we always have no time to stop and ponder what we can do more for ourselves, as well as what we really want to do with our time and life. I feel Circuit Breaker is ain't bad, it's time to stop and self-reflect.

We may not visit people, or talk to people face to face until further notice. It's a good alone time to do things by ourselves. People always complain it's either they have no time or money, so why not look into it at this break of life? You've more time now because you saved the travel time, you can work from home now. You may not have more money, but you can save more now especially when all the entertainment out there is closed.

During Circuit Breaker, why not we make good use of what we have, what we can do with ourselves as well as what to be better? Find time to be Better, "Explore" what you can do, Better in what we already do or catching up, "Practice". Better in taking care of ourselves, "Maintain".

Here some ideas about what you can do:


1) Moisturize your Skin! When is the last time you find yourself applying body lotion, hand lotion or whichever moisturizer to maintain your skin? I bet you can even find the dry-est spot of your skin now, what you can do better is maintain and apply lots of moisturizer and lotion. Catching up with Skin Maintenance is a good Improvement for Self-care!

Furthermore, if time allows you a Daily Facemask will be good to hydrate your face. 

2) Maintain your Environment. When is the last time you tidy up all your decades' junks in your storeroom or the corner with most untouched things for years? Recycle, use it or bless others. Read 10 Ways to Save Money and Protect the Earth Environment at the Same Time._________________________________________________________


3) Explore alternate solutions to your health issues. Everyone has their own health issues, be it one or two or many problems. We have been only relying on what Doctors say or medicine that was given to us. At this point in time, it's also a time for us to reflect on what we can do better so our health would improve too. Studying how both Western and Eastern medical works may help you understand a little more about the solution to your health, but not exactly. Eating right is also one of the priorities to be and feel better.

4) Explore and Pick up a new skill, there's a wide range of indoor activities to choose from. Such as Photography, Craftings, Barista, 3D Printing, Hydroponics, and more!

5) Explore and learn new software. If there is a software that you would like to pick up for a long time, this is a time to get started.

6) Explore and learn to use a new Social Media platform or the third party of it. There are just too many platforms and social media brands out there, we can never finish naming it. So why not take this time to explore and learn a whole new interface, you might even find what's better than the other and gain something more from there.

You're able to catch up with E-learning with NTUCLearningHub for FREE for points 4, 5 and 6, click here to read more.

7) Sit back and relax, grab your favorite snack and Explore the Watchlist for your new favorite TV Drama and Movies.



8) Learn Cooking and Explore New Recipes online, Practice and improve. It's an essential skill especially when you want to save costs on Food delivery fees and lazy to go out to get Food. Other than instant noodles, you can get more out of a simple lazy meal. I'm lazy too, here are some of my personal recipes, click here.

9) Turn on your humidifier with your favorite fragrance, Practice meditation, yoga or just doing something calm and relaxing in the living space.

10) Play an Online Mobile game with your friends online. Try Ranking it, that's definitely lots of Practice there.

11) Study something New, watch Youtube tutorials online and Practice it.


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15) After you have tidy up your decades' junks, you may find some things that are still in good condition that you might not want. Earn by selling, List it on Carousell!

I hope this blog post helps you to get your way through Boredom and picking up something fulfilling along the way. Stay Safe!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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