Virtual Housewarming: Online Visit to my New Home

Hello! Welcome to my Virtual Housewarming, since our housewarming is cancelled due to the Circuit Breaker in Singapore. Well, safety first, party second. For friends and family who opt to come over or people who didn't want to come over because afraid of crowd or corona, don't be disappointed because both of us, Raymond and I have put all the details together for you to visit our Virtual Housewarming here as well as explaining little details about our home sweet home here for you.

So, Welcome to the house of RayRene! 

The reason why we mentioned the "Don't buy us Gifts" in the Invitation card, is because we basically have too many things even we have donated and gave away more than half of what we have, we are fortunate to still have many. So luckily, you didn't buy us anything.

As you can see, we also have many Teddies plush... they have terrorized our whole Sofa.

Just joking!
Living Space

Only these few are displayed at our Sofa and the speciality of our living space is to make us feel entertained and cosy. If you have seen some sneak previews of our house photos, you may see there are a few colour slashes. These beautiful slashes are designed by myself, drawn in photoshop and passed to Amos from Paint Solutions. They are the guys who made this come true.

At the side table it's Robi's charging Station, he is a Robot that dances, talk and sing for us.

As you can see, we are into nice display as well as we really have many figurines. We also kinda make sure we have enough food to chew during our relax time. 

Sometimes Food is our entertainment, sometimes TV. Have you also tried Pringles Mystery? We are still guessing the flavour. 

I'm also using Doterra's essential oils for relaxation mood, as well as keeping the environment feel clean and cosy. 

We try to make the Living space smells as good as possible as sometime's when we are not determined enough, the Living room may smell like Hamster's shit and pee.

Having pets may mess up your house, but not when you plan properly. We place all pets things at this space at the corner of the living room. We try to make sure, we stop at a maximum of 4 Hamsters per time for adoption. We may have a weak heart and soft spot for adoption, but we keep it nice and spacious just to keep four of them without giving them too little space or stress.


I've picked up and started to learn Gardening, not an expert... but just a little knowledge to help in home's Feng shui. 

Here goes our Mini Corridor Garden. That Floor Mat is cute, isn't it? Only the non-rich will put this... so we can Huatt more!

Some of my plants were bought from Pick a plant, found their pushcart at Basement of PLQ Mall. They were so beautiful, I love them at first sight. 

We had also tried to grow plants from the Fruits we ate, we just kinda recycled the seed.

Just some clean and minimalist look at the Entrance.

Dining Area

I would say, count me lucky. Even without having to hire Interior Designer which was the initial plan. We managed to pull off the basic look we want for the house. The concept is more or less, minimalist, versatile and not too boring. Just by looking at the kitchen glass door on one look, it is a swing door with fixed glass, on another, it is a bi-fold door. I'm really thankful that I hired the right contractor aka door specialist to do this. I was not really confident at one point because my Kitchen opening is quite big (we didn't opt for the Kitchen full-height wall by Government). They did mention any Aluminum or Glass Door they are able to customize, which really helps to put my worry away.

Not only is their Door customizable, reasonable pricing, they are also very friendly people with good service. Compared to my previous Interior Designer's quotation, this is almost half-priced. Call me pure-Singaporean, going for a good price... you really don't need a Designer to design a door, a door specialist can advice better. 

Oh, anyway, since you are here. If you like my door, you can also look on their Facebook page (Desired Space) for more nice-looking Doors, those really inspired me lots.

Oh, again, regarding the colour slashes... not many painters are willing to do such thing for us. Looking for a good painter is really tough. Most basic painting services charge about average 3-4k per 4-room flat, our artistic wall art actually costs slightly less than the average price for basic painting and I think it's a real deal. If you need painting service at a lower rate with quality remains, here's Amos contact (+65 8742 4768).

Our Kitchen is fully made by Ikea.

Perhaps, I didn't do my homework really well. Although we did not ask many Interior Designers, most of the Interior Designers quoted us minimal of $7000 for doing a one side wall cabinet and a few more able to give us a short island on the other side of the Kitchen. It was a tough choice, it's either we sacrifice our working top space or money. Honestly, we don't have much savings after we paid a part of the cash for our HDB's keys.

We don't want to sacrifice working top space, neither we don't have enough to do up the whole house with the cost of such expensive Kitchen. So we decided to sacrifice the look of it.

Ikea was my last choice actually, but it was also the only choice for us because we are on a budget. So that was about $3500 for our entire Ikea Kitchen. Where to get such a cheap Kitchen that can still work well with cooking. In years to come, if we have enough we will renovate again. That's our mutual promise.

Another unique aspect such as, I'm not using a normal stove to cook nor induction ones. I'm using Thermomix, A Kitchen Appliance that can do almost anything healthy and without Fire.

I always wanted a Full-height Kitchen Cabinet for Storage, and in this new house. Yes, it's a Bingo! I didn't regret my Ikea Kitchen decision and I felt great about it. It's simple and nice, we love the woody feel. What sets us apart from usual Kitchen is we choose the finish that most people won't, such as a raw wood top and leather handles. I totally love the feel, not regretting it.

Also, the pull-out drawers are a nice aesthetic. My cookbooks fit in so well. 

Master Bedroom

We could actually go to furniture shop and buy a wardrobe if it weren't for the fat thick aircon pipe. So all thanks to the aircon pipe, and because we didn't hire an Interior Designer, it has been tough finding the right Carpenter who is willing to just do up one simple Wardrobe for us. I've asked quite a few, either the one being recommended by friends or the ones that I found online. Some don't want to do just one Wardrobe, some say come Recce but ended up MIA.

I was glad to found Vincent from Maxter Furniture Pte Ltd, not only did he came for Recce and discussion. I'm Thankful that he have also managed to rush and complete in-time before my bedroom Bed arrived. I'm impressed looking at the carpenter doing their stuff, they are highly professional, can't wait to share with you guys this blog post. I will leave his number here, so if you know anyone who needs such good workmanship and service with no minimum budget... you can talk to Vincent (+65 9763 7071) and see if he can work anything out for you.

Other than the Oak and white colour wardrobe, I also love the "suppose" to be a full height mirror. It doesn't look full height not because compare to the tall wardrobe, it is just so small. This mirror comes with an internal compartment to display my fashion accessories.

Play and Collection Room

This is a room for my husband to hide if both of us, quarrel and warzone.

It is also a room that we display most of our collection. Be it my Q-Posket collection, his Comics collection or some other plush toys. We really have a lot, people who don't know us thought we have been living here for 10 years. Yay! So many things!

Study and Art Room

Study and Art Room is for the Introvert, me! As some of you know, I need a lot of me-time, artwork productive time, and sometimes blogging time. So this is where I am doing this stuff.

If I'm looking at my laptop's screen, this also means I'm sitting on the very comfortable Gaming chair which many people put in their wishlist. This is Fantech's Alpha GC-183 Gaming chair, you can read more about it here:

Not forgetting, all our Curtain and Blinds is done by Shawn from NST Curtain, he is contactable at (+65 8188 8778) for any advice you would need for shading your window views.

This 3 shelving comes after my Wardrobe, also have been done up nicely by Vincent from Maxter Furniture Pte Ltd. I'm really thankful for getting to know him and his workers in time, they did some handyman work for us at a lower price and still very professional.

So, in an Art room or Artspace... what kind of artwork do you expect? I paint, draw, sew, glue, knit all in this little room space. Sometimes, wrapping presents too.

What I've done so far and still loving it... I love recycling and repurpose things.

I enjoy making resin items.

I love exploring new crafts, such as creating a 3D Print!


There's nothing much special about our toilet, except for the water heater that can set at the exact Temperature of your choice. You can even bring an egg to onsen inside. Just Joking!

We like cute things, and we won't leave out the toilet, filling with cute stuff. We try to keep it simple but with a few fun things around, which kinda makes our laughter and smiles. 

Seal Soap Holder and Squirrel Toilet Roll Holder.

Thanks for E-visiting! Catchup soon!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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